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What is Brilliant Bank?

Brilliant Bank is an online-only bank that specializes in deposit accounts. The easy-to-use mobile app (available for both Apple and Android devices) empowers you to manage your money on your terms and achieve your financial goals. Choose between several types of accounts, depending on your personal financial needs.

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Who is Brilliant Bank?

We're not just
a flash in the pan.

Some online-only banks wow you with flashy features and design, but don't tell you who they are or where they're from. You can rest easy knowing that Brilliant Bank is fully backed by Equity Bank, an FDIC-insured institution with $5 billion in assets and locations in 4 states.

The same industry professionals who bring decades of experience in financial services to Equity Bank now bring that same expertise online with Brilliant Bank. Our team combines the valued, trusted customer service provided by your local bank branch with the competitive rates and technical innovation of an online-only bank.

Who is Brilliant Bank?

The Brilliance of Online-Only Banking

At Brilliant Bank, managing your accounts is as simple as opening the app on your mobile device. Connect all your accounts in one mobile app and manage your finances seamlessly, from wherever you happen to be. Skip those inconvenient bank trips and deposit checks directly into your account with mobile deposit. And enjoy account alerts that keep your saving and spending on track and show you exactly where your money is going.


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Who is Brilliant Bank?

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